Pathways are among the most popular feature homeowners plan to upgrade, with an increasing interest in LED lighting.

Pathways are among the most popular feature homeowners plan to upgrade, with an increasing interest in LED outdoor lighting.

There are several reasons to invest in outdoor lighting this spring, and according to recent data from Houzz, many homeowners plan to do just that this year. More than 50 percent of surveyed homeowners said that they plan to hire professional help with their outdoor lighting – a wise choice. Let’s talk more about this data and how we can help you implement the outdoor lighting design of your dreams in 2016.

The 2016 Houzz Landscaping & Garden Trends Study

The 2016 Houzz Landscaping & Garden Trends Study surveyed 958 homeowners who recently completed an outdoor project or are actively undergoing or planning one. The study reveals that roughly two out of three homeowners (57 percent) plan to make upgrades to their exterior lighting. Upgrades in exterior lighting to LEDs jumped to 32 percent, a 4 percent increase from last year. Eight percent of homeowners plan to install precipitation-sensitive irrigation systems while 24 percent are implementing motion sensitive lighting. The study made one thing very clear: automated outdoor lighting is increasingly trending.

What are the Most Popular Outdoor Features to Illuminate?

Outdoor lighting is incredibly versatile, customizable, and beneficial to homeowners. Outdoor lighting increases curb appeal, safety, security, and can drastically enhance your outdoor features. So, which features did the study reveal that homeowners want to illuminate the most?
The study revealed the following: Pathways (60%), Decks/Patios (57%), Trees/Shrubs (53%), Steps (32%), Home Architecture (28%), Driveway (26%), Water Features (24%), Outdoor Structures (24%), Pots/Plants (21%), Swimming Pool (10%), Art/Sculpture (9%), and Other (7%).

What are the Top Reasons for Updating Outdoor Lighting?

The Houzz study also revealed that 79 percent of the surveyed homeowners updating their outdoor lighting for decorative appeal (to illuminate features and create ambiance). Sixty-four percent said they updated their outdoor lighting to increase comfort and create a relaxing, enjoyable outdoor space. Preventing trip fall hazards is one of the most critical benefits of outdoor lighting, which is why 52 percent of homeowners updated for safety reasons. Forty-nine percent updated their lighting to increase their home’s curb appeal, and 32 percent made the investment to deter criminals and enhance security.

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