Failing to winterize your irrigation system can damage your pipes.

Failing to winterize your irrigation system can damage your pipes.

While the Maryland heat still feels like it’s the middle of July outside, it is officially the start of fall. Winter probably feels like it’s in the very far future, but it’s actually right around the corner. Before winter hits, you know that you need to do fall yard maintenance, but don’t forget about your irrigation system. Having your irrigation system professionally winterized will not only save your pipes but will save you time and money and allow you to feel safe knowing your system is prepped for spring.

Saves You Money

You may think that hiring a professional to winterize your irrigation system for you will be more costly, but doing it yourself could prove to set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars. Irrigation systems are necessary investments, and not only are they expensive, but they also keep your property value up. If you try to winterize the system on your own without professional help, you are at risk of making a mistake that could cost you a lot more in the long run than hiring an expert to complete the job.

Saves You Time

Winterizing your irrigation system can take up your time if done by yourself, and that valuable free time should be used for other things! You’ll want to enjoy the fall weather before the temperature drops, and you also have plenty of other fall yard maintenance to take care of before winter. A professional can get the job done quickly and correctly, leaving you with more time to enjoy the fall weather and prepare for winter.

Professionals Have The Equipment

If you believe you can do the job on your own, think about it this way. Even if you’ve drained the water out of your irrigation system, any water that remains and can freeze, expand, and crack the piping. For an irrigation system to be properly winterized, every drop of water has to be blown out of the pipes and heads before the winter weather comes along. And the truth is, your home air compressor simply isn’t powerful enough to blow out your system. Heavier water will remain in the pipes, causing the pipes to freeze and damage equipment, resulting in costly repairs in the spring. Professionals have the right equipment and are qualified to use it appropriately and safely.
Overall, it is much better to call in a professional to do this important task, as they are properly educated and certified. Our professionals know how to ensure the job is done correctly and safely and will prep your system for spring.

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