outdoor lighting

With these three types of outdoor lighting, your home will look better and feel safer than ever before.

Outdoor lighting may seem fairly straightforward, but there actually is a lot to consider when finding the best ways to illuminate both your landscape and your home. With the right kinds of fixtures, you can transform your outdoor space into an enchanting landscape. The right kind of lighting will allow you to utilize every inch of your yard at all times of the day. With these three types of outdoor lighting, your home will look better and feel safer than ever before.


Ambient lighting is probably the type that first comes to mind when you think of outdoor lighting. Ambient lighting is called that, well, because it creates an “ambiance” or a feeling or atmosphere. You want your ambient outdoor lighting to create a feeling of warmth with a golden glow rather than a harsh, blue hue. You can easily create your ideal ambiance with hanging lights, post lights, and wall lights. Your lighting fixtures should match the general style of your home for continuity.


When you think of task lighting, you think of a desk lamp. Desk lamps aren’t very helpful in your outdoor space, but that’s the right idea. The concept behind task lighting is to create enough light for you to see the task-at-hand. When you’re outside at night, you need some task lighting to illuminate specific areas. Make sure that you find the right kinds of fixtures for pathways, deck and patio areas, and security lights.


Accent lighting is whatever small fixtures you want to include in your outdoor space. The best kinds of accent lighting are string lights, tabletop lanterns, solar lights, and LED candles. This type of lighting allows you to add a little something extra to any corner of your yard.

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