4 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn Irrigation System

With regular maintenance, you can prolong the life of your lawn irrigation system, ensuring that it continues to function throughout the seasons.

Over time your lawn irrigation system can succumb to damage from general wear and tear, age, improper installation, faulty parts, constant use, lawn issues, and many other factors requiring repairs or replacement. However, with regular maintenance, you can prolong the life of your system, ensuring that it continues to function throughout the seasons, especially during the warmer temperatures of the spring and summer months. Here are four helpful tips for maintaining your lawn irrigation system so that your lawn and irrigation system remains in great condition.

Check Your Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads in a lawn irrigation system are often missing or broken due to several factors, including lawnmowers, shifting soil, improper installation, age, and much more. Missing or broken sprinkler heads can cause your lawn irrigation system to leak and unevenly distribute water across your lawn. When water from your sprinklers isn’t distributed evenly between cycles, it can cause dry and wet spots due to over and under-watering. This can cause significant damage to your lawn’s health and appearance over time. It’s also important to check your sprinkler heads to see if they’ve been tilted or are spraying from the right angle. If you notice they’re angled incorrectly, readjust them to ensure that your lawn receives the proper coverage during watering cycles. Checking your sprinkler heads is a key part of maintaining your irrigation system so you can identify missing or broken ones, ensure that they’re repaired or replaced promptly, or readjust them when their original position is altered.

Check for Leaks

A leaking irrigation system is probably the last thing you want or need, so regularly checking your system for leaks is essential for maintaining your irrigation system. Catching leaks in your irrigation system early on can help protect your lawn while preventing expensive water bills and repair or replacement costs. Listed below are some of the signs and results of a leaking lawn irrigation systems that should be repaired or replaced immediately:

  • Increased water bill
  • Low water pressure
  • Dry sections in your lawn
  • Wet spots or patches
  • Pools of water
  • Mud
  • Fungus growth
  • Wet concrete
  • Water bubbling from the ground

Check Your Water Pressure

Another critical component of maintaining your lawn irrigation system is regularly checking the water pressure settings. This is especially important when running your system for the first time. The ideal setting for your lawn irrigation system ranges between 40 and 65 PSI.

Flush the System

Flushing your irrigation system plays a significant role in maintaining your irrigation system, especially at the start of the season. Flushing your system helps prevent dirt and debris from building up in your system and clogging your nozzles.

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