Our Mission

Aqua-Bright Owner, Kevin Tucker, has this business in his blood. He started from the ground up, digging ditches for irrigation installation and gaining industry knowledge from his father and other industry leaders. After attending college, Kevin realized that lighting and irrigation were his true passions, and he decided to turn that love into a career. For over 20 years Kevin has spent all of his time and energy working to provide customers like you with top notch service that inspires you to tell your friends, your family, and tell neighbors.

Aqua-Bright is built on a customer-centric foundation and the business to customer relationship is paramount in our continued success as a Company.  We strongly believe in the success of our employees and their inherent desire to succeed with Aqua-Bright by furthering their career and supporting their families.

Our Team provides professional Irrigation Systems and Maintenance Services, as well as Custom Lighting Services and Installs, and Maintenance Plans.

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Kevin Tucker, Owner

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Our Experience

Our People

At Aqua-Bright, we don’t just strive to meet your needs and leave you satisfied with our work. We want you shouting our praises from the rooftop because you are so excited with our service. Our customers are our number one priority, and we want to build and be a part of an incredible community. Loyal customers are our bread and butter, and we thrive off of referrals to friends, coworkers, and family. Every time you work with Aqua-Bright, you can be sure that we will show up, and we will get any job done right. Lighting, irrigation, and drainage don’t have to be troublesome and stressful, and we love it when we have the opportunity to take that weight off of your shoulders.

Our Promise

Every single Aqua-Bright employee is cross-trained in all of our services. This creates an unmatched level of expertise and convenience. If you have one of our pros out to work on irrigation and drainage, they can also fix any lighting issues at that time. If you have a problem, we can put our heads together and solve it quickly so you can get back to enjoying your yard.

When you work with Aqua-Bright, you’ll feel like you’re working with friends. We will listen to your needs and help create a well-maintained yard that you don’t have to work for. After you work with Aqua-Bright, you’ll never look for another lighting and irrigation company.

Client Testimonials

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Aqua-Bright is the best irrigation & lighting company in the DC area. We have used many companies and are always impressed with their professionalism and promptness. They have taken great care of our systems for the past few years and will for many more!

Aqua-Bright did a fantastic job installing an irrigation system at my home. This is the second irrigation system I have had installed, so knew what to expect. Kevin and his team have exceeded my expectations at every opportunity. First, the estimate was timely, complete and reasonable – I had a number of other estimates. Second, the qualify of the equipment Aqua-Bright installs is top notch. The sprinkler heads are high quality providing good coverage of the yard. The controller is easy to operate via the app and Kevin’s team was very patient in setting it up and showing me how to use it. Service after the sale has been excellent and hassle free. I had a couple of minor issues after the install that needed adjustment, and the Aqua-Bright team came out to do the work without complaint. I have been recommending Aqua-Bright to my neighbors. I would absolutely use Aqua-Bright again in the future for an irrigation install. Five stars.

This company is excellent for sprinkler system and outdoor lighting maintenance. I’ve used this firm for 10 years. These folks are very professional and prices are reasonable compared to the competition. Once you schedule an appointment, they arrive on time. I have not experienced pressure sales of additional products. Call this firm if you are not happy with your service with the company you are currently with! You will not regret it!

Whenever I need to hire a professional to do the work that I’m unwilling or can’t do, I’m generally pessimistic. Even if you do the research and read reviews, it seems you still have a fifty fifty chance of being satisfied. Unfortunately, I picked the worst year to try and beautify my yard. After aerating and seeding my lawn, I realized that it was about a four hour affair to water, which was recommended twice a day for six weeks! After some research, I requested an estimate from Aqua Bright, which was completed in three days. The gentleman that came to my home, Kevin, showed up as scheduled, asked me some general questions and got to work. I appreciate that he asked what I expected from the system instead of trying to sell me a bunch of useless features. The system was installed within two weeks of receiving the estimate. I asked for a basic system, and was willing to sacrifice coverage of certain areas to save money. Much to my surprise , they were able to cover my entire yard for a great price. I couldn’t be happier, and looking forward to a fantastic yard next year. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aqua Bright to family and friends.

Very happy with my irrigation system from Aqua Bright. I had multiple bids for installation and Aqua Brite by far the most reasonable. It had poured rain for days , so we had a little laugh at Kevin’s expense when he arrived for the estimate. The system has been in for about 5 years and and still works great. We have made changes with no problem as we added to landscape. You have several options for service depending on your watering needs. They also can easily add flower boxes , pots on porch …so if you go away you return to healthy plants. They do lighting maintenance as well but it is more maintenance in my case so can not speak to design. Lenses get cleaned and lights if needed can be replaced.I had another company install. They can do XMas lights as well. They do a very professional job for this service but it is expensive so have only done 1x. If time short and budget allows..and want done… they can absolutely do it. Nice guys, professional, well attired, and I am happy to recommend!