If your basement suffered from any flood damage this year, rethinking your landscaping and drainage can help.

This year has been notorious for large rainstorms.  Some towns have experienced devastating flash floods that are causing homeowners to rethink their landscaping or even their home’s general location. Spring and summer brought some violent thunderstorms and severe flooding, and the summer typically has a few severe storms as well. If your basement suffered from any flood damage this year, rethinking your landscaping and drainage can help.

Be Vigilant

Your first task is to keep an eye on where the rainwater is coming in from. While it’s raining, go into your basement, and assess the windows and door areas. Check to see if there are any damp areas in the walls or in the ceiling. Go outside, and check to see if there are any areas that are particularly swampy during and after a storm.

Proper Grading Is Key

As a homeowner, the direction in which your lawn is graded is extremely important. Landscape grading that runs water toward the house instead of away from it is the biggest cause of basement flooding. There are many ways that this problem can be solved. Contact a local drainage expert to see which method works best for your home.

Allow For Water to Flow

Creating a gap in between your mulch and your home will reduce flooding as well. This is an especially important tip of your home is mainly made up of siding. Allowing for a six-inch gap between any flower beds and your home is imperative for keeping rainwater out of your basement.

Redirect Water Spouts and Drains

Directing downspouts and drains away from your house is another significant tip. If rainwater is being directed toward your home, the ground becomes oversaturated which leads to basement flooding. Having your spouts rerouted and leading out about 20 feet away from your home is ideal.

Use Grass Barriers

If you live in a hilly area, you might experience more flooding with the runoff that comes down and toward your home. In this case, grass barriers are an easy addition to your home’s landscaping that will also protect your foundation from becoming oversaturated.

Prevent Basement Flooding with Aqua Bright

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