wet yard

Turn a problematic wet yard into a beautiful rain garden or dry stream with these simple tips.

Your yard drainage may not be something you think about very often, but it is essential to maintaining the quality of your landscaping. Problematic yard drainage can cause damage that is much more difficult to reverse if it is caught too late. Don’t let areas in your yard that are too wet become an ugly mess. There are many ways in which you can manage your yard drainage that don’t cost very much while adding beautiful details to your lawn. Turn a problematic wet yard into a beautiful rain garden or dry stream with these simple tips.

Rain Gardens

Gardening in wet conditions can make for a very abundant garden. Make the most out of your wet ground by creating a rain garden. The wetness of your designated rain garden area can create a thriving garden that requires minimal effort. Be sure to choose plants that grow well with plenty of moisture. If you’re unsure of the exact measurements of your wet area, contact a local drainage specialist.

Dry Streams

Although this method is a bit more labor-intensive, dry streams are another great way to help reduce a wet area in your yard. After determining how large and how wet your wet area is, lighten the soil by adding a large amount of organic matter. With the help of a professional irrigation company, you can also build raised beds on top the wet ground by filling them with a fertile, well-drained soil mix. After adding dryer, lighter soil, plant some shrubs or trees that grow well in wet conditions like silky dogwood or wild hydrangea.

Plants and Flowers

Water-loving plants such as marsh marigolds and cardinal flowers are perfect for a garden thriving in wet conditions. If your rain garden or dry stream is in a sunny area, swamp milkweed or common sneezeweed are great options. In a shady area, flowers like monkey flowers and Virginia bluebells will bring your problematic drainage area to life. When questions about managing your drainage inevitably arise, calling a drainage and irrigation expert will help you decide the best way to manage your landscape.

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