Learn about the most common drainage problems and how to fix them!

Learn about the most common drainage problems and how to fix them!

The right drainage systems will keep your yard draining smoothly, but the wrong drainage system can lead to basement flooding, a pond in your yard, and major headaches. Today we are breaking down some of the most common drainage problems and the best ways to solve them.

Yard Slope

The slope of your yard is the most important part of your drainage system. If the slope isn’t high enough, water won’t be directed to the proper parts of the yard to drain away. Downspouts on your residential property that don’t take water away can make a bad drainage setup even more of a headache. A French drain is the single best, most effective solution for yard slope and drainage problems. French drains can even work in unique situations, where the home was not properly set on the slab by the builder.

The Walkway In Front of Your House

This is another big problem area outside of your house. The sidewalk and walkway leading up to the front door can flood fairly easily, especially if some of it runs parallel to the house. Instead of letting rainwater run into the yard, the sidewalk will collect the water like a dam and retain it. This is especially worrisome because it can damage the pathway over time, loosening and rotting the bricks. You can fix this drainage problem by moving the walkway or by putting a pipe and catch basin underneath it. If that isn’t a possibility, you can always reroute the water so that it goes through your yard. Try a surface drain that will blend into the rest of your yard.

Downspout Problems

Many newer homes come without downspouts installed. As a result, rainwater will accumulate in one part of your yard instead of going away from your home. Before allowing foundation problems to potentially begin, you should invest in pitching the slope and adding a drain pipe. A skilled yard drainage expert from Aqua Bright will be able to help.

Drainage Problems Solved by Aqua Bright

Whatever the cause of your drainage woes, the professionals at Aqua Bright can help you come up with a solution. For a consultation and to hear what we can do for you, give us a call at (410) 489-9009 or visit us online. For more information on the many irrigation and illumination services we offer, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Houzz, YouTube, and Pinterest.