These landscape areas should be the first places you check when surveying your lawn for drainage issues.

April showers bring a lot more than May flowers. Those incessant showers can bring about some water damage as well. With what seems like constant rainfall in early spring, it is important that you check several different places around your landscape. If you’ve noticed any damage before the spring, be sure to monitor those areas vigilantly. These landscape areas should be the first places you check when surveying your lawn for drainage issues.

Gutter Spouts

Issues with gutter spouts are a very common drainage problem. Your gutters could be emptying into plant beds and oversaturating the areas, causing damage to your plants and inhibiting their growth.  Gutter spouts could also be dumping out huge amounts of water onto porous paved surfaces, and that can cause a much more expensive issue altogether.


Speaking of paved surfaces, these areas of your landscaping can be affected by water damage as well. It’s important that even your hardscape surfaces are up to the proper grade so that water does not get trapped underneath. Make sure that all paved areas have the proper slope that allows rainwater to collect elsewhere.

Plant and Flower Beds

The design of your plant and flower beds is another important aspect of your landscape drainage ability. To ensure that your bed designs are not inhibiting any natural water flow, be sure that your plant beds are also on the proper slope. If too much water is collecting at the bed sites, the excessive water may kill your plants and damage your home as well.

Low Elevation

Low elevation is one of the most problematic aspects of landscaping when it comes to drainage. This is especially true near the foundation of your home or business. It is not good when water is being held in the foundation of any structure. This can cause disastrous damage to the interior of your home as well as the exterior. Your drywall and wooden floors could be compromised if this problem isn’t taken care of in time.

Drainage Problems Solved by Aqua Bright

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