Early fall is the perfect time to fix any drainage problems before freezing winter weather hits Maryland.

Early fall is the perfect time to fix any drainage problems before freezing winter weather hits Maryland.

At the onset of winter, it’s most likely too late to handle household maintenance projects that will be affected by the freezing temperatures, and snow and freezing rain. Now that we’re at the beginning of fall, it’s the perfect opportunity to gear our houses up to prepare for damages that these conditions often cause. Specifically, in our drainage and irrigation systems. Take advantage of the mild temperatures now to prepare our homes to endure the winter by fixing these drainage problems:

Home Elevation

As its name suggests, many home drainage issues begin with the foundation. Sometimes, builders initially set the home too low into the ground, which can cause water to collect and cause damage in the basement. Especially after the summer rainy season, if you inspect your home’s basement and see any signs of water damage, consult professionals about grading or adjusting your drainage system to relieve your home of this issue.

Improper Grading

Improper grading can render your home’s drainage system virtually ineffective. If water is pooling anywhere in your yard and causing soggy areas to appear in the grass, this could be a sign that your grading needs to be adjusted.

Check Your Garden

The luscious and beautiful garden that you’ve planted to enhance your landscaping and make your home more appealing and unique may be causing drainage problems on your property. Altering the layout and structure of the ground near your home could be obstructing the flow of stormwater as it attempts to make its way away from your home. Keep in mind the slope of the ground as you design your landscape.    

Gutter Spouts

Allow gravity to assist your gutter spouts with proper drainage away from your home’s foundation. Check your spout exits to ensure that they are clear of any blockages and efficiently directing water away from your home.


Your driveway, patio, and other hard surfaces need to efficiently collaborate with the landscaping of your home to drain stormwater properly. If you notice water pooling near those areas, then that means that you need to install elements like a retaining wall or creek beds to encourage proper drainage.   

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