French drain systems utilize a perforated pipe and gravel water filter system.

French drain systems utilize a perforated pipe and gravel water filter system.

If you are researching the French drain system, it is very likely that you are already facing some drainage issues and are looking into how to solve them and what a French drain can offer. A French drain system is essentially a trench filled with gravel and a perforated pipe incorporated into the landscape or next to your home’s foundation. While you do not see a French drain system, it plays a large role in keeping your home safe from water damage. To learn more about the drainage benefits of a french drain, read on.

How Does A French Drain Work?

Liquids always seek out of the lowest point they can reach via the path of least resistance. A French drain system naturally provides a low and easy path, utilizing a sunken channel that directs water in a way that is most beneficial for your home. Gravity provides the French drain with its drainage power. A French drain system is commonly made from plastic. A 4 inch diameter french drain pipe will suit most residential drainage needs, however areas with high water collection and soil saturation may need to size up. This type of drainage solution is used commonly for a number of residential and commercial applications. These include building foundations, basements, crawl spaces, lawns, sports fields, retaining walls, driveways, hardscape patios, playgrounds, and any areas which are vulnerable to surface or subsurface saturation.

How Much Does A French Drain Cost?

As with any project, it is important to estimate the cost of installing a French drain before getting started on the work. When it comes to this type of drainage system, cost generally depends upon the materials used, fees, permits, equipment rentals, labor, and other factors. Many professionals say that a traditional French drain costs roughly $20 to $30 per foot to install, but this does not include necessary equipment rentals, such as a compactor or trencher. To make a cost estimate, start by figuring out how much of each component you will need, or consult with a drainage expert, but be sure to include their fees in your overall budget.

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