FAQ’s for Aqua-Bright

Why hire Aqua-Bright for landscaping lighting or an irrigation system install?

Aqua-Bright is built on a customer-centric foundation and the business to customer relationship is paramount in our continued success as a Company.  We strongly believe in the success of our employees and their inherent desire to succeed with Aqua-Bright by furthering their career and supporting their families.

How can LED landscape lighting benefit the outside of my home?

Our professional outdoor landscaping lighting systems incorporate the latest LED technology.  These lights generate little to no heat and are significantly safer than halogens or other similar variants.  In addition, they generate a very low level of energy, contain no harmful chemicals, and furthermore reduce emissions.  The cost-efficiency is also of great benefit, generating up to an 80% savings over other lightbulbs, and with an average lifespan of 20-30,000 hours, they are most cost-effective and an overall better investment.

What are the benefits of an outdoor lighting system?

Outdoor landscape lighting can be one of the best investments you can make for the outside of your home. At Aqua-Bright, we offer custom lighting and design solutions for your landscaping and outdoor living spaces.   All of our equipment is of the highest quality, warrantied, and installed by our in-house licensed professionals.  Not only do they provide a better aesthetic appearance around your home, but more importantly, they increase the overall safety and security throughout.  Some of our outdoor lighting systems operate via customized timer modules and others can be controlled via your smartphone.

How long does an installation take for either an outdoor lighting system or irrigation install?  Do I need to be home at the time of install?

Most lighting systems for the front of a house may take the better part of one day.  If lighting is added to masonry or landscaping, those often take an additional day.

Most irrigation systems we install can take between 1-3 days.  Once the plumbing work had been completed for the irrigation system – which we try and arrange for prior to arrival – most of our installations can be completed without the homeowner needing to be present.

Lighting systems can generally be installed without the need of the homeowner to be home, so long as we have access to an outdoor electrical receptacle.

How long are in-person consultations?  Do you have any Covid-19 protocols?

Free consultations typically last approximately 30 minutes, at which time we discuss your needs, plans, and budget.  Regarding proper Covid-19 protocols, we always socially distance, wear masks, etc.  Our health, and the health of our customers, is of top priority.

Aqua-Bright’s Staff and On-Site Teams.

We are dedicated to our Company and 100% committed to all of our customers and the continued success of our Company.

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