Excessive snow and ice can hinder the functionality of your drainage system. Take proper precautions to ensure melted snow doesn't end up leaking inside your home!

Excessive snow and ice can hinder the functionality of your drainage system. Take proper precautions to ensure melted snow doesn’t end up leaking inside your home!

Maryland and many other areas around the nation are currently being faced with a potentially monumental winter snow storm – Blizzard Jonas. As the storm gains momentum, it is expected to deliver mass amounts of heavy snowfall. When heavy snow melts, it creates a lot of water. So, what does all of this accumulation mean for the inside of your home and your drainage system in the winter? Let’s talk about reasons why you might experience a wet basement after snow melts.

Gutters and Drainage System

You should always make sure your gutters are free and clear of leaves and other debris before a snowstorm. The leaves could freeze and hinder the melting water from moving through your drainage system, resulting in frozen water and damaged gutters. Or, the water could melt and overflow from the gutters – spilling onto the foundation of your property and resulting in ground erosion near your basement or crawlspace.
Heavy water can seep into the ridges of your foundation and form cracks, which can allow water to seep into your basement. Sometimes these cracks go unnoticed for extended periods of time. Likely, by the time the drainage problem has resulted in a wet basement – it is going to cost you. It only takes about an inch of flood water in your basement to cause damage upwards of $10,000.


The best way to avoid a wet basement issue is to make sure you have proper runoff and drainage systems installed. Water in your basement is a common sign of a drainage problem. These systems can assist in directing water away from your foundation. A sump pump can also assist in pushing water away from your home. When faced with extremely inclement weather such as a blizzard, it is still possible for water to find its way into troublesome areas. If snow is beginning to seriously accumulate around the foundation of your home, do your best to relocate the snow to a well drained area where it can melt without causing you any problems.

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