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Your outdoor lighting should be your first defense against any theft or home invasion.

As a homeowner, warm weather brings more than just grilling on the deck and enjoying your outdoor space. With the spring and summer, we see an elevation in home burglaries. Your outdoor lighting should be your first defense against any theft or home invasion. Here are a few ways in which your outdoor lighting can maximize your home security.


The most important thing you need to consider is ensuring that there are no blind spots around your property. More lights that aren’t as bright as one big, very bright light will do a better job of illuminating more space. Your doors and pathways should be your primary focus, as these are the places burglars are most likely to target. Also, your backyard is just as important as the front of your home. Make sure you’re covering all your bases because burglars aren’t typically going to walk through the front door.


When it comes to the positioning of the lights themselves, it is critical that your lights are placed up high and out of reach. If your lights are too low, they will not illuminate as much of your landscape. Also, it is best to keep them away from someone who might want to break or remove them. Installing the lights up high and shining them down at a low angle will also help reduce any light pollution you’re producing with these lights.


It is crucial that you replace any burned out bulbs as soon as possible. You have these outdoor security lights for a reason, so you should make sure that they work! Doing routine checks to see that every bulb is working properly is a good idea. Also, since the lights are outside, it is best to clean them from any dirt or grime while conducting your routine checks.

Bulb Types

When choosing bulbs for your outdoor security lighting, make sure you’re choosing either clear or white bulbs. Colored lighting creates an interesting effect, but for security purposes, you need something that will allow you to see clearly.

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