With these simple landscape drainage solutions, your yard and your home will look amazing.

With rain like we’ve had lately, your yard might not be in great shape. It’s likely that you’ve noticed a few wet spots in your landscape or have even run into some drainage issues in your basement. The good news is that creating your own drainage solutions is easy and can enhance the overall curb appeal of your home. With these simple landscape drainage solutions, your yard and your home will look amazing.

Elegant Rock Fountains

It’s easy to give an elegant look to your downspout area. With flat stones, you can build a natural-looking rock formation that leads up to the bottom of your downspout. By staggering the flat stones upward, you can create a step-like fountain for the water to trickle down. When water runs off your gutters and down the downspout, it will gently pour over the rock fountain creating a waterfall effect.

Natural Rock Streams

By adding natural rocks and water-loving plants to the edge of your property in a steam-like fashion, you’ll create a beautiful drainage solution. Plants like swamp milkweed or common sneezeweed are great for sunny areas along your rock stream. In shady areas, flowers like monkey flowers and Virginia bluebells will work best. These plant and stone streams effectively redirect water away from your home and yard.

Grates That Look Great

Installing a grate along your driveway is another easy drainage solution. Grates won’t take away from the overall look of your home and landscape. They do a great job of collecting runoff an excess water from damaging your yard and foundation. With the help of a professional drainage expert, you can have a grate installed easily and securely.

Disguised Gutter

Gutters aren’t exactly known for being the most beautiful part of anyone’s landscape, but there are many ways to dress them up. By using different landscaping elements like stones, mulch, and plants along your downspout areas, you can create an additional landscape feature that enhances your home. All of these landscaping materials will work to absorb water and keep your yard from becoming oversaturated.

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