Whether you are a current, past, or potential customer, here are some top tips at helping maintain your irrigation system. If you need assistance at any time or would like to setup a service call, contact us at 410-489-9009.


Looking For Leaks

With your irrigation system turned off, locate the indicator on your water meter. If the indicator – often times a triangle or star – is moving in a clockwise rotation, you may in fact have a water leak. Keep the entire system turned off and contact us for assistance. This type of leak could indicate an issue with either the main pvc line or a zone control valve.

Checking Each Zone

With the system turned on, check each zone for potential leaks. This can be seen by bubbling from the ground and if noticed, set your system to skip over the affected zone until it can be properly fixed. Cracks in the pvc piping, leak in a joint, and these issues may not be noticed until the system is on and functioning.

System Inspection

It is very important to check and maintain your irrigation system throughout the year.

  • Repair or replace any broken or worn-out spray heads or drip emitters.
  • Check the sprinkler heads so that they fully pop-up and retract and that there is no debris in the way or proper operation.
  • The sprinkler heads should be vertical and not on any angle. If the head is not faced upwards, your lawn will not be properly watered.
  • Clean or replace any nozzles that may be clogged. After the cold seasons, or if you have not used your irrigation system in a long period of time, it is important to have your system checked for correct water flow.

Need Repair or Maintenance with Your Irrigation System?

For information on how Aqua Bright can help with your irrigation system, give us a call or send a message for a free consultation. 410-489-9009.