Fall is the perfect time to gather around the fire at night, make sure you have the perfect outdoor lighting to fit the mood.

Fall is the perfect time to gather around the fire at night, make sure you have the perfect outdoor lighting to fit the mood.

As the warm weather begins to cool down, fall is the perfect time to have friends and family over to gather around the fire at night. If you’ll be hosting gatherings in your backyard, having outdoor lighting to fit the mood is essential. Designing the perfect lighting setup can easily be integrated directly into your landscape.

Ambient Lighting

A good lighting design will have all three types of lighting- ambient, task and accent- by layering the different lights. Ambient lighting is used to provide general illumination and sets the ambiance and light level in an area. This type of light looks best in the main seating area will wall sconces, pendants or mounted fixtures. To extend the sense of space in your backyard, consider wrapping lights around a tree or focal point to draw your eye outward immediately.

Task and Accent Lighting

Task and accent light should contribute to ambient lighting, but not overpower it. Task lighting is used in particular areas to that need more light, such as a small light over an outdoor grill. Accent lighting is decorative and helps reinforce the overall mood of a space. The accent light can be an illuminated planter which serves two purposes, as a flower pot by day and a source of light at night.

Sprinkle With Fairy Lights

If you have a smaller or more simple yard, lighting is a great way to transform your space to look bigger and capture everyone’s attention. Fairy lights or string lights hung across a patio will light up your space and easily make it the prettiest spot in the yard. Play around with twinkling lights in your plants and shrubbery as well to create a magical ambiance.


If you’re unsure of how much lighting is needed to fill an outdoor space, try this simple calculation. Measure the square footage of the area you want to light, then multiply that number by 1.5 to get an estimate of how much total wattage you will need.

Fall Outdoor Lighting with Aqua Bright

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