Learn about signs that your drainage system has a problem.

Learn about signs that your drainage system has a problem.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to recognize issues with your home drainage system.  A water-logged basement or lawn is a dead giveaway that something needs to be fixed quickly. However, a large number of drainage system issues are less obvious, but can cause costly problems in the long run. If you look for these signs, you’ll be able to save the time, money, and frustration of untreated drainage issues like a pro.

There’s A Waterfall Pouring Out Of Your Gutters

While this is an obvious sign that your gutters need to be cleaned, it can also be the result of several other problems which need to be addressed. Vertical streaks of dirt outside of the gutters, mud spattered on siding, and paint peeling off the house are definite signs that your gutters need to be cleaned and possibly replaces. If gushing gutters are left unattended the excess water can cause rot and structural damage over time. While clearing out leaves and debris might fix this, if it does not your gutters might be ill-fitted or sized and need to be replaced. While this is not cheap, it’s far less expensive than combatting rot and structural damage from excess water later on.   

You Find Water Stains In Your Basement

Depending on where the water stains appear, this can either be an easy fix or a big headache. Knowing the difference is key in knowing how to deal with this problem.  Stains on your foundation wall mean that this is a more surface problem which can be easily solved. This could be due to either an overflowing gutter or surface runoff. However, if the stain extends around your basement in a line you may be looking at bigger problems such as a fluctuating water table or that your floor lays below the level of municipal storm drains that get backed up during downpours. An interior drain pump and sump pump can work together to form a drainage system easily remove this excess water from your home.

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