Here are a few helpful landscaping tips when it comes to getting your irrigation system ready for the spring.

With a long and crazy winter finally coming to a close, it is time to prepare yourself and your lawn for the upcoming spring season with a few helpful landscaping tips. Now that winter is over, you can finally enjoy yourself by spending more time outside and appreciating what the outdoors have to offer, but first you must prepare your lawn and make sure it is in a presentable state for the spring season. This is perhaps why one the biggest landscaping tips you can use are irrigation tips to ensure your lawn stays green and healthy, especially in the case that there is little to no rain water available this spring since the weather is so tough to predict. Here are a few helpful landscaping tips when it comes to getting your irrigation system ready for the spring.

Pick the right time to water

One of the biggest landscaping tips you need to know for lawn irrigation is picking the perfect time to water your lawn. It can prove to be a critical mistake if you pick the wrong time of the day for irrigation, and your lawn will pay the price for this. Best time to water your lawn and plants is in the morning, sometime between 6 am and 10 am, mainly because of what could happen if you water at different times of the day. If you water during the middle of the day, it can almost be like you did not water at all. The problem with midday irrigation is that the higher temperatures during the day will cause the heat to make the water evaporate. Meanwhile, watering at night when the sun goes down can cause fungus to grow and thrive in your lawn, which no one wants to have.

Set up a proper system

If you want to keep your lawn properly watered, you will need to make sure you have the proper irrigation system to compliment it. Make sure you know what type of heads your lawn has because to get the right amount of water, different heads will need to run for different amounts of time. For example pop-ups will need 15 minutes, while rotors will need 30 minutes. You will also need to make sure to get these times right, you have timers to turn your irrigation system on and off. You will also want to have filters and valves to preemptively stop clogs from happening.

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