lawn issues

With the help of a professional, these three common lawn care problems will be taken care of in no time.

As a homeowner, you’re well aware of the pitfalls that your lawn can experience. Even when taken care of properly, you can experience frustrating lawn issues that don’t seem to go away no matter what you do. With an expert lawn care service, even the hard-to-maintain spots will look healthy and well-tended. With the help of a professional, these three common lawn care problems will be taken care of in no time.

Not Enough Sunlight

It’s not impossible for every single area of your lawn to get the proper amount of sunlight at all times of the day and throughout every season. You might notice some shady areas of your lawn are looking dead and unhealthy. Pruning your trees back to allow sunlight is not always the answer as some trees don’t take kindly to over-pruning. With limited options, the next step is to consider installing a home irrigation system. A local irrigation specialist can provide you with the tools and resources that are necessary to renew your difficult areas.

Crabgrass Takeover

Crabgrass is an unsightly common lawn problem that can turn a gorgeous lawn into a mess. If left to its own devices, crabgrass can spread to other areas of your lawn, making it all the harder to get rid of. When crabgrass dies off, it can lead to even bigger problems within the soil. By having your own home irrigation system, you’re ensuring the health of your lawn from the soil up.

Patchy, Unattractive Grass

If your lawn experiences persistently thin and patchy grass, you might have a bigger problem on your hands. Chronic lawn issues usually indicate that there is a problem with your soil. Conducting a soil test to discover the pH level of your soil will help you discover which nutrients are missing. A professional lawn care specialist can administer a treatment to your soil so that your grass can finally be in good shape.

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