drainage system

Don’t let poor drainage and muddy shoes keep you from enjoying your outdoor space any longer.

With the weather warming up, your family will be wanting to spend more time outside this season. What if this seems impossible because of a drainage issue you’re experiencing with your landscaping? Don’t let poor drainage and muddy shoes keep you from enjoying your outdoor space any longer. This comprehensive guide will help you figure out which type of drainage system is best for your landscaping.

Surface Systems

Surface drainage systems are helpful for removing excess water from your landscaping. They work quickly and in a controlled manner by allowing shallow ditches to run in a parallel pattern. These ditches act as canals as they direct run-off water to the main drain. In this way, surface drainage systems are useful in avoiding water pooling and flooding.

Subsurface System

Also known as a French drain, a subsurface drainage system is placed beneath the surface of your yard. Since French drains are located beneath the top layer of soil, they remove excess water at the root level of plants and trees in your lawn. For these types of drains, you’ll need to contact a local drainage professional who can dig deep ditches and install underground pipes. From the underground pipes, the run-off will be directed into a collector drain.

Slope Systems

If you’re experiencing some extremely wet conditions with your residential landscaping, a slope drainage system might be your best option. This is the most helpful drainage solution for those living with wet areas close to the foundation of their homes. If your basement is too damp, it could be a drainage issue that can be taken care of with a slope system. Slope drainage systems require a downward slope that directs water downward from a structure with the help of underground pipes. Don’t fret if you’re unsure as to which drainage system is best for your landscaping. A trusted drainage specialist can let you know exactly what needs to be installed and have your yard looking fresh and clean in no time.

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