outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is not only functional as the days get darker earlier, but is also great for adding decoration and style to your home.

We’ve officially entered the time of year where we start to lose sunlight, as the sun is starting to set earlier and earlier. It’s difficult to get used to this change, as the day seems to get much shorter while it gets dark just as many of us are leaving work. Outdoor lighting is your best solution to these dark nights and can provide illumination for your yard. In addition to illuminating your yard for functionality, outdoor lighting is also great for adding decoration and style to your home.

Front Door Lighting

Do you arrive home in the dark and have to stumble through your bag to find your keys? That may be a sign that your door needs more illumination. A bright and beautiful front door light is welcoming, and not only provides functionality for those entering your home but can also be an eye-catching decoration. Whether you choose a hanging light, mounted fixture, or two lights on either side of your door, a nice front door light creates a serene atmosphere for those visiting your home.

Landscape/Hardscape Lighting

Enhancing your landscape and hardscapes with lighting provides illumination for walkways and throughout your backyard, while also providing beautiful decorations. These lights are not only useful during the night, but they also look great during the day when they aren’t lit yet. The extra detail of the lights in your garden and on your hardscapes are a nice touch, and add curb appeal to your home. Also, the lights provide extra security at night, as many outdoor lights can be motion sensored.

Garage Lighting

Exterior garage lighting is another essential type of lighting every home should have, as the bright lights can illuminate the driveway and a good portion of the front yard. Since it is getting dark so early, leaving the garage lights on is a great way to safely brighten the sidewalk by your home and the driveway for your kids playing basketball. These illuminating lights that lighten a large space are usually floodlights, as they throw a wide and powerful beam of light a farther distance than most lights. The lights are perfect for garages, as they should be placed about 9 ft from the ground to ensure they won’t be tampered with, as well as ensuring maximum coverage.

Outdoor Lighting with Aqua Bright

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