How can you use outdoor lighting to keep criminals at bay?

How can you use outdoor lighting to keep criminals at bay?

Outdoor lighting is a wonderful way to spruce up a drab backyard, or any other location on your property that just doesn’t shine. Now, what if I told you that adding outdoor lighting to your property would actually deter criminals as well? That’s right. Outdoor lighting provides multiple benefits that include curb appeal, visibility, and security. If you’re looking to add security features to your home while adding some style, then outdoor lighting is going to be perfect for you. Let’s check out some ways that you can utilize some outdoor lighting techniques so that your property will be safer.

Have a plan!

Simply adding outdoor lighting to your property haphazardly isn’t going to make your home a safer place. It’s actually going to have an adverse effect. Criminals need light to navigate your property much in the same way you do, so what you need think about is how you are using lighting. Effective outdoor lighting hinges on two things:

  1. Is there someone to witness and report the crime?
  2. Will the lighting help the criminal achieve their goal?

While you plan your outdoor lighting installations you should consider these two things. Do not place outdoor lighting in a place that will only help criminals to see what they’re doing. Make sure to place outdoor lighting where you or neighbors can see potential threats so that they can be reported. Outdoor lighting in a secluded area is only going to help criminals navigate your property. Make sure that you’re placing your lights in places that are truly going to benefit your safety. Now, how are you going to do that?

Think like a criminal!

Yes, thinking like a criminal is going to help you to know what sorts of outdoor lighting to install. When you approach your home at night, imagine what kinds of lights would help you to sneak up to the window or door without anyone seeing you. This may lead you to having more outdoor lighting in your front yard so that your neighbors can see who is coming and going, and less lighting in your backyard. There is no one-size-fits-all plan for your outdoor lighting. You’ve got to think about this and attack the problem informed.
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