Drainage problems can cause lawn issues later.

Keep an eye out for persistent puddles, and be aware of where your run-off goes in your yard.

It’s tempting to just forget about your lawn during those cold winter months – after all, you can’t see it under its blanket of ice and snow. However, if the fall and winter brings dry air, low precipitation, little soil moisture, and fluctuating temperatures, then your lawn could be in trouble. Read on to learn more about taking care of your lawn during the winter!

Don’t Forget to Water

Newly seeded or sodded lawns are especially susceptible to winter weather damage, but any lawn can fall prey to fall and winter drought conditions. To combat a dry fall or winter season, remember to water your lawn. Try to water only when the air temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and aim to water at mid-day. That way, the water will have time to percolate into the soil before it might freeze at night. Avoid creating a solid layer of ice on your lawn, as the ice can suffocate the grass or cause it to become matted. Take the time to break up large patches of ice with a rake or shovel – but be gentle with the turf beneath.
Be aware that plants and turf closer to building, walls, and fences may receive more reflected heat, wind, and sunlight, and may require additional water.

Watch Out for Drainage Issues

Heavy rains and snow storms are often the first time a homeowner gets to see their yard’s drainage in action. Keep an eye out for persistent puddles, and be aware of where your run-off goes in your yard. This awareness will help you prevent flooded basements and washed away landscaping in the spring.

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